December 15th, 2008

The 12 Toons of Christmas

The 12 Toons of Christmas

If you already subscribe to Prompt’s weekly email newsletter, you’ll know that the team here works together with a professional cartoonist to create cartoons inspired by technology trends, marketing and the IT industry.

Our Tech Toons blog (also available as an RSS feed) is this month hosting the 12 Toons of Christmas. These are archive cartoons that we created for the December issues of the Prompt newsletter in previous years.

Since this content is licensed under a creative commons licence (as are all the Tech Toons), you can feel free to use these cartoons on your blog, website or anywhere else. (Full rules here, but basically you need to link back to the Tech Toons blog, and cannot modify the toons or use them for commercial purposes, without asking first).

Check out the cartoons and feel free to leave us your comments, or a festive ho ho ho!

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