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May 26th, 2011

Summer gadgets make fun in the sun a little more bearable

Summer gadgets make fun in the sun a little more bearable

Memorial Day is fast approaching here in the US, and with it comes the unofficial beginning to our summer season. This means there will be plenty of cookouts, going to the beach, more cookouts and plenty of time being outside.

I enjoy the outside as much as anyone I know, but unfortunately my technology doesn’t always play along nicely. For instance, the screen on my phone is absolutely horrendous in direct (or any) sunlight, so much so that I rarely take it out of my pocket even for phone calls. I mean why pick it up if I can’t see whose calling?

Luckily, my phone is not the norm for technology in the summer. There’s plenty of gadgets out there to make the most of your summer fun. And since I love spending a little time perusing the internet for things to buy, I thought to share some with you

– Carrying around a boombox is out-dated, especially if you’re heading to the beach. Thankfully there’s a solution. Built in speakers and the ability to turn itself into a backpack for portability, this multi-tasking beach towel is perfect for tunes anywhere you go.

– I’ve definitely been victim of forgetting to charge my phone or MP3 player before taking long journeys to remote places where an AC outlet is out of the question. But this universal charger makes use of all those free solar rays we get and turns it into energy for your phone so you place that delivery order when you’re camping.

– When the heat really starts to pick up, I’m quite the miserable, sweaty mess. So coming across this personal cooling device definitely piqued my interest. Who doesn’t want the consistent feel a nice cool towel around your neck when the temperature climbs? I know I do.

Unfortunately before we know it though, summer will have passed and we’ll be back to the bleak, depressing cold associated with the changing of the seasons. But that won’t mean I can’t enjoy my summer activities. Thanks to this indoor driving range, I’ll be able to work on my swing after doing some shoveling.

I won’t think about that reality for a while, summer is here and I’m ready to celebrate.

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